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After-sales service

Henan Henan and limited high frequency machine---a registered trademark as "Yu", "high quality, high service, and development" business philosophy and principles of accountability, openness to your solemn promise:
, when the equipment is shipped equipped with inspection certificate and product manuals to ensure that users can install and use our products correctly.
II, with the factory high frequency machine (high frequency) products in accordance with the relevant national standards and testing, unqualified products factory. Ensure strict compliance, cashed three bags of products, strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the national industrial products and after-sales service, free warranty for 12 months from the date of, and Golden high frequency machine lifetime maintenance service.
III, users of our products quality, the company guaranteed in receives the user objects within 24 hours after making comments. If the site you want, guaranteed to send professional and technical service personnel, as well as for the quality problem is not solved service people do not withdraw. For every user feedback product quality problems and result I will be archived.
IV, in any case, the company shall not be liable for a defective product repair, replaced as a result of labor, materials, equipment, engineering, or other related costs.
company service: efficient, accountable, FAQ                 
corporate services objectives: professional high-frequency technology to provide customers with one-stop service