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High frequency machine high frequency mould industry facing "harsh realities"

die \ machine high frequency high frequency mould industry has to face grim market
die \ machine high frequency high frequency mould for PVC, TPU, EVA, PETG plastic material sealing packaging, using high-frequency welding machine high frequency heat sealing machine equipment sealing. Mainly used in automotive interior industry, medical industry, inflatable toys, plastic packaging industry, household goods and clothing industries using high frequency machine \ high frequency devices are required related to the mold.
high frequency machine mold \ high frequency mold compared has particularity, manufacturing mold process also relative simple, requirements not high, only requirements mold flat on can using, General used material has copper material and aluminum material two species compared for high frequency machine \ high frequency hot collection machine using, mold of level degrees General processing center are can solution, started requirements not high, General customer himself are can production, so high frequency machine mold \ high frequency mold production manufacturers mold price are compared cheap, Is the tooling industry market changes can be the main reason.

Auto door medical bag of high-frequency high frequency/high frequency mould mold mould
\ high frequency mould China mould industry and tooling technology development very seriously, especially since the reform and opening up, fully affirmed the mould industry and technology in the manufacturing industry and an important basis for the national economy. Since reform and opening up, our Government in the development of mold industry given preferential support policies, prompting China's mold industry has undergone fundamental changes. Special high frequency high frequency mould, mold, blister sealing die in Wuxi Golden enterprises has been the world's leading technical support, frequently cover mold for high frequency, high frequency shielding mold of continuous research and development and manufacturing, as well as innovations in the production process the latest high frequency fuse mold, mold, such as fusing of high frequency.
1, China's mould industry is basically dominated by internal production and distribution, affiliated with the production tooling industry, developed into a substantial, has the characteristics of high-tech industry capital-intensive, technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry.
2, mold production is mainly in the traditional, bench-master-skill oriented manual production, into the widely used digital and information design and production technology of the modern era of industrial production.
3, die industry in China has grown from a single-State-owned enterprises, developed into a private enterprise, and new patterns of coexistence of various forms of ownership. Development of
4 and manufacturing led the development of mold industry, the development of mold industry to give strong support to manufacturing.
5, die product structure more reasonable. According to the different product materials, forming methods are different. Molds are divided into 10 categories, main stamping mould, plastic injection mould, casting mould, high frequency, high frequency mould tooling, plastic blister sealing moulds, Diecasting, forging die mould, rubber tires, glass molds. China mold structure: about 37% per cent die, plastic mold about 43%, casting (including die) is about 10%, forging dies, the tires, glass mold and other mold 10%. Consistent with the mold percentages of industrially developed countries.