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High frequency machine (high frequency welder) electromagnetic wave shield method

  High-frequency machine, "high-frequency welding machine" how shielding to reduce the strength of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. www.wxjindian.com
   high-frequency machine "high-frequency" principle: the main use of high frequency and high voltage ballast stimulating moments of high frequency electromagnetic field of high frequency tube oscillation, using plastic material processing in the electromagnetic field of acute changes in, plus a certain amount of pressure can achieve the purpose of welding.
  high frequency electromagnetic waves of radiation is each production high frequency machine "high frequency" manufacturers most difficult overcome of technology one of, to currently weizhi also no a production manufacturers can do high frequency launches out of electromagnetic waves frequency off, only do put electromagnetic waves radiation strength drop small, zhiqian tells has high frequency electromagnetic waves on human of against, now electromagnetic waves of pollution was people increasingly attention, that how do let electromagnetic waves strength drop small.
beauty of electric enterprise in production high frequency machine "high frequency" equipment Shi has been yilai put high frequency electromagnetic waves of radiation size see with important of technology field, in production general type and special type high frequency machine equipment put electromagnetic waves of radiation used has multiple grounding way shield, increased has capacitor grounding added coil resistance high frequency, way reduced has high frequency electromagnetic waves of strength, currently production of standard type high frequency machine and non-standard type high cycle equipment of electromagnetic waves radiation absolute can and industry compared, high frequency electromagnetic waves shield do of good, High frequency output power is very stable.
    technology of high frequency electromagnetic waves which are needed to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, high frequency machine (high frequency welder) method of electromagnetic shielding us from three 60% of the electromagnetic wave radiation reduces the intensity of electromagnetic waves, 1, high frequency equipment for high frequency transmitters and high frequency grounding method of connection used the aluminum skin of the fuselage, direct high-frequency ground loops. 2, increased in the high-frequency output capacitor grounding resistance high frequency and high frequency inductors and other methods to reduce the high frequency electromagnetic radiation on the human body, 3, increased in the high-frequency heating multiple grounding grounding, so have extra high frequency electromagnetic radiation directly access, device itself absorbed. These suppliers can be resolved completely, beauty company that did it.
at a customer site can also add some secondary high frequency electromagnetic wave reduced, using sites which work needs to be done? Actually on simple of is grounding, in equipment a a out fuselage Shang pulled a root ground directly grounding, such also can reduced high frequency radiation strength; also has a method is most effective of, but need customer input some cost, in high frequency machine "high frequency" equipment using site four week with iron network grounding, high frequency machine in iron network in the operation using, such on can greatly reduced has high frequency electromagnetic waves of peripheral of radiation, such practices in Europe national high frequency machine equipment above has began using.