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High frequency selection mistakes

high frequency machine selection error
1, read-only, not power 120A~I
for example, the device is single-phase input current input power: 120KVA confused, collectively called the 120 machines, which bought back after the discovery of real power 80KVA, Ming at an advantage, actually quite lost.
2, and only see power, not see frequency
in standard, and tight firmware, through hot Shi, dang heating artifacts diameter is greater than φ 60mm Shi, on should select if equipment, at still with high frequency machine is will caused artifacts outside "burn flow" and inside "black" (commonly known as "burn not through"), not only equipment efficiency big discount, also will reduced mold life even caused mold damaged, virtually cost increased, is not know reasons.

high-frequency heating of usage:
1, in strict accordance with the correct boot method to power: first the appropriate sensor, first water, after power on. After
2, power, then press the light switch, Panel indicators light; AC contactor closing you can heat the workpiece.
3, such as at the end, must first turn off the power, turn off the water after.
uses high frequency heating equipment:
1, a variety of welding of cemented carbide cutting tools, drilling tools, diamond drill;
2, a variety of machine parts tray, shafts, machine tool track surface quenching;
3, various bars and rods through hot forging;
4 and all kinds of wire-line annealing.

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