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Principle of structure for high frequency and stress state

When you press the slider against the trip, finished parts and clamp together with the concave module upwards. On the plate stopped at the level of punch, au module and template continue to move on. Installed on the template on the reverse wedge journal interaction with plate and pressure plate and PIN fall concave connecting module to block restricted location frequency length small sheet profile, and Groove cross-section parts are traditionally used in the special die 1 or produced 2. Also available generic tools by stamping, but this plane when paragraph 3 should be wide enough. In the manufacture of a special die when the punch and die should be the nominal thickness of the material into. Based on the work surface. In the closed position, tool correction should be part of the plane, and eliminate a rough free bending effects. The actual value may be blank thickness to. Values vary greatly, so the correction is not all. Correction of uneven role will negatively reflect on the accuracy in parts, this is one of the drawbacks of traditional crafts. The shortcomings of traditional crafts as well as tooling and equipment costs, and peak load characteristics of the power of the press is too large.
high frequency mould in the rough edge of the pressure value. Rough in the curved sections of the stretching resistance is much lower. Contrary effect is caused due to the hardening, hardening of the plane faster. In determining the punch and die when the minimum allowable RADIUS Rmin should be based on the following conditions, namely blank into the plastic tension in contact with mold should be subjected to the carrying capacity of the contact pressure of the rough before disappearing. Rmin derived from the more general bent nearly 50%, low carbon steel, Rmin value not exceeding the thickness of the material. Test sample limit angle of nearly 45 ° inclined wall, stamped profiles of available test results are confirmed.
in the measurement part section of generatrix straightness and found that there are deviations, it does not exceed the tolerances on the thickness of the rough material. At this time, the bus of tensile deformation in the 10% range, stretching along the width of the extension that is smaller than the length of the profile 2mm. 
in the bending process of moving rough edge to the punch, best mobile with the concave module or blank will slide down the edge of the die and subjected to bending and subsequent straightening, resulting in a rough section of overly thin. Die structure equipped with movable matrix module is developed, fixed in on press with a power buffer to be used for clamping edge of blanks.
mold working process as follows: stock placed in punch and press plate. Pressure plate installed on the activities within the Guide slot. When the template down, mounted on the rough edges in the guiding groove of the concave module firmly on the plate, and move with the press RAM stroke, then overcomes the backpressure of buffer push rod. Rough around the edge of the die bending, distortion will cause tension, and concave modules and plates perpendicular to the press slider stroke movement. When the bending angle of the rough when the desired value is reached, pressure plate and wedge begin interaction. Approached plane also had equal to dip, so, and synthesis of movement along the curved parts of the wall plate. From AU module and the friction between the plate clamping the rough edge of the pressure plate moves.
When you press the slider against the trip, finished parts and clamp together with the concave module upwards. On the plate stopped at the level of punch, au module and template continue to move on. Installation in Shang template Shang of anti-wedge block will and plate of axis neck mutual role, and will plate and with pin column phase joint of concave module back to block block limit of location
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